Handwashing stations, latrines, menstrual hygiene products are all products that improve people’s lives, but how do you market and sell quality, affordable products in emerging markets? Join us in a robust discussion about the Art of Selling WASH products and learn from stalwart experts in the field, as well as hear from social enterprises new to the game, trying to create lasting change at scale.

Speakers and Panelists:

  • Scott Roy, Co-Founder and CEO, Whitten & Roy Partnership
  • Alhassan Hilda Wunniche, Acting Head of Evidence & Analytics, iDE Ghana
  • Imran Nizami, Capacity Development Specialist, SanMarksII Project, iDE Bangladesh
  • Grace Supapitch, Co-Founder, Term-Naam
  • Kiersten DeHaven, COO, Kidame Mart
  • Dr. Felix Richard Manyogote, Founder and Executive Director, Tanzania Young Eco Protection (TAYEP)
  • Christian Snoad (moderator), WASH Innovation Consultant, UNICEF