The private sector is central to accelerating progress in sanitation, delivering the products and services that households engage with to build their first toilet, upgrade an existing one, or perhaps to empty their septic tank and treat the waste. Children will benefit when there is a thriving private sector that provides products and services that are more desirable, more convenient, more accessible, and more affordable. Beyond the products and services, we know that public finance and traditional aid alone cannot meet the need for universal and affordable sanitation for all – the financing gap to reach SDG6 remains huge. The private sector can bring new investments and can stimulate, and accelerate, increased household investments in WASH.


  • Syeda Zaki, Investment Manager, Grand Challenges Canada
  • Erin McCusker, Fuqua’13, Vice President and Head of SATO, Lixil
  • Manish Kelshika, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, WoLoo
  • Xu Liu, Co-Founder and CTO, Food2x
  • Chukwuma Nnanna, Founder and Executive Director, Toiletpride Initiative
  • Nandita Kotwal, Business Development Manager, Sanivation
  • Christian Snoad (moderator), Sanitation and Hygiene team, UNICEF